Rodents and pests are unwanted tenants around our homes. It’s common to discover mice or rats in your yard, basements, or storage rooms. But the worst scenario is to have a rodent die in the ductwork. The horrible smell can make the entire home stink.

If there is a nasty smell in the home, the first order of business is to find out the smell source. Once the source is located, the next step is getting rid of that smell. In the HVAC repair article below, we discuss some tips on dealing with this annoying problem.

Track the Scent

The first step is to track down the smell. The smell of a decomposing animal is quite distinct. The smell will be the strongest closest to the corpse. Generally, these rodents are very tiny and may hide in small crevices. When you are looking in the ductwork, use a flashlight. If the ductwork is not easily reachable, hire professionals.

Remove the Animal

Once you discover the animal, it needs to be removed. Depending on the corpse’s condition and location, a shovel or a set of pluckers can be used to remove the animal. The best way to dispose of the animal is by burying it in your garden – great nutrients for the soil. It can also be double-bagged and thrown in the trash.

Plug the Hole

After getting rid of the source of the smell, you need to clean the duct. This type of cleaning generally requires professional help who can quickly and efficiently do the cleaning for you. You’re not done yet! Identify how the rodent got inside the duct in the first place and get that hole or crack plugged. This repair will ensure no future rodents in the ductwork.

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