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Philadelphia HVAC Heating System Repair

Furnace Heating Repair Philadelphia

Furnace Heating Repair Philadelphia

Good Deals Heating and Cooling is the most trusted Philadelphia PA heating repair company that provides the highest quality of service for the most affordable prices.

You may frequently hear the term “HVAC,” which is used to describe home heating and cooling systems. The acronym stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, which are the three primary functions of a home system. They control air temperature and humidity and maintain the quality of the air in the home, keeping it comfortable and liveable year-round. Many areas of the world wouldn’t be nearly as hospitable as they are, all thanks to air conditioning and heating.

During colder months in Pennsylvania, homeowners looking to improve their heating efficiency can start with their home’s HVAC system. The heating and cooling HVAC system is the largest power draw and the greatest source of energy loss. It’s critical that these things run smoothly, a small amount of energy waste can add to a massive amount by the end of a year or decade.

Philadelphia Heating Repair Service includes:

  • Heat Pump Replacement
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Gas Pack Repair
  • Gas Pack Installation
  • Gas Furnace Repair
  • Gas Furnace Installation
  • Oil Furnace Repair

Emergency Heating Repair Philadelphia

Dirt is the biggest enemy of your home’s heating system. It can waste fuel and drastically lower efficiency. Get your heating system serviced regularly and change the filters on your heating unit. A dirty filter can dramatically decrease heating efficiency, yet it only costs a few dollars and takes only a few minutes to replace.

Things like this often aren’t thought about until far too late, when they cause issues and cost you lots and lots of money. It’s worth setting regular times just every few months to either call us out or go through all of your vents yourself and replace filters. Not only is this good for your energy efficiency, but it means far less dust and debris floating around your home irritating allergies and causing illness.

If your heater is not working and you need emergency service, call us at 215.947.1166 for quick, dependable HVAC repairs in Philadelphia.

Home Heating System Installation


HVAC Philadelphia

With many heating systems to choose from, Good Deals is licensed and trained to help you determine the most efficient system for the size of your Philadelphia home. Some types of heating systems are forced air, oil, radiant heat, hydronic, steam radiant, and geothermal. Each type of heat should be considered for its effectiveness in meeting the budget and heating and cooling needs for the home.

When a homeowner is choosing a heating system for their Philadelphia home, they should consider how the system will be powered in addition to how much it will cost. Our staff at Good Deals HVAC are educated in the latest systems to help our customers maximize their heating purchase.

Each and every new installation is covered with a manufacturer’s warranty along with a Good Deals Heating and Cooling warranty. In addition, we urge all of our customers to sign up for a maintenance contract to ensure that your system will work efficiently for many years to come.

Philadelphia Air Conditioning Repair

Understanding the Efficiency Rating on HVAC Systems

A newly installed Heil HVAC System outside of the homeWorried about your climbing electricity bills? Your home or office cooling system may be the culprit behind your energy bills spiking with big fluctuations in the weather. When trying to decide if buying a new air conditioner is right for you, a lot of people are ONLY looking at the price tag of a new install. You should, of course, consider that, but also try to find out how much money a new system is going to save you every month, plan for the future.

We all know a salesman’s job is to sell a product, so it’s understandable to be skeptical when someone tells you spending MORE money now is going to save you money down the road. New tech IS almost always more efficient, but it comes down to what is going to be the most efficient and work the best for you.

Relying on a salesman’s word is simply not enough. Instead, look for the SEER rating on your old unit and on the new one the technician is offering to install. The SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, it measures how efficiently a unit uses electricity. The higher the SEER number the greater the efficiency, and of course you want this number as high as possible on your own unit.

Efficiency Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Energy Bill

In 1992, the government decided that the minimum SEER for newly installed machines in homes would be 10.0, although at the time most machines rated at 6.0. High-efficiency machines that can save you a serious amount of money, in the long run, have at least a 12.0 SEER.

Remember that any piece of equipment, regardless of what it is, is a lot more likely to fall apart if it’s not cared for and maintained. Just because you have a great unit does not mean you can set it and forget it. Remember to have it checked out at least twice a year [see Annual Maintenance Agreement]. As a reputable Philadelphia Air Conditioning Repair company, we offer a managed agreement that benefits our customers, both homeowners and business owners alike.

You should notice an immediate difference in the quality of your cooling after replacing your air conditioner with a new, more efficient unit, and your monthly energy bill will reflect the change. If you are experiencing an air conditioning problem right now and need immediate help, please call us at (215) 947-1166 or send us a message via the form to the right.

Why Choose Good Deals Heating & Cooling for your Philadelphia AC Repair

Air conditioning unit installed out

Philadelphia Air Conditioning Repair

Our experienced technicians are equipped to diagnose and service all makes and models of air conditioning equipment. Our goal is to keep our customers comfortable and informed about their options.

We provide extended customer service hours. This allows you to make one phone call and speak with us directly. We don’t like talking to a computer either. Leave a message after hours and one of our technicians will respond the next day.

We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. You work hard for your money and should be treated like a valued customer. To us, at Good Deals Heating and Cooling, you are the most important customer we have and we never forget it.

Only Trust HVAC Professionals

We employ only experienced and well-trained service technicians. They undergo continual HVAC training, year-round, on new products that will make your life more comfortable and your air conditioning system energy efficient. We keep our customers top of mind.

Good Deals Heating and Cooling offer annual competitive Maintenance Agreements that will help keep your Philadelphia HVAC unit running smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.

We carry innovative air conditioning products and can repair or install your Philadelphia air conditioning unit efficiently. We strive to offer the latest in the HVAC industry: high-efficiency equipment that uses 410A refrigerant, Ultraviolet germicidal lights, state of the art filters, programmable controls and much more.

Our Guarantee – We offer a one year warranty on all air conditioning repair work performed. Please contact us for any questions you have or work you may need done.