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Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Huntingdon Valley

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Service is a word that we take very seriously at Good Deals Heating and Cooling, Inc.! Our goal is for all of our Huntingdon Valley area customers to be 100% satisfied with every single job we do for you, be it a minor repair or full-on replacement. Our main business is maintaining your heating and air systems and WE SERVICE ALL BRANDS, not exclusively the ones we install in the greater Philadelphia area!

In addition, we offer many value-added services that can greatly increase the overall comfort level and efficiency of your home. Our installers and service technicians are some of the best in Huntingdon Valley.

What is a Dual Heating & Cooling System?

It is a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system that combines an energy efficient air-source electric heat pump with your new or existing oil, gas, propane, or ETS booster furnace, to give you the most efficiently sourced energy possible. Today’s systems and methods are so much more efficient than those of the past by a huge margin. To join the program, a Load Control Receiver (LCR) must be installed near the heat pump. The LCR allows the electric company to occasionally interrupt the heat pump during peak load conditions. This helps to hold down electric rates and substantially lower heating costs.

How does it work?

A dual fuel system relies on the heat pump to act as the air conditioner when needed, then turn around and heat the home when needed. However, a heat pump can only work well when outside temps remain above 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or so. After the temperatures outdoors dip below what’s specified, the furnace then takes over for heating with this system. It’s a tag-team affair, which opens up the geographical possibilities for heat pumps since the colder temperatures can now be handled.

What are the Advantages of a Dual Fuel System?

  • An electric heat pump, in conjunction with the electric company’s special Dual Fuel rate, heats your home safely and efficiently, all for less money.
  • The modern air source heat pump is clean, quiet and very cost-effective and there are no flames to pollute the air in your Philadelphia home.
  •  A heat pump cools and dehumidifies your entire house in the summer, providing year-round comfort.

Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

Even if it is cool in your area nearly year-round, nobody is immune from a heatwave hitting them every now and again. If you’re acclimated to a colder climate, a heatwave can really catch you off guard and make you feel really uncomfortable. Don’t put yourself through that and be stuck sweltering for no good reason! Schedule a routine maintenance check twice a year to have a technician confirm that all your systems are running as they should.

Residential Heating System Maintenance & Repair

Almost regardless of where you live, you’re going to need a working heating system to keep yourself comfortable at some points throughout the year. You don’t want to only realize your heating system isn’t working when you go to turn it on for the first time this year because it’s freezing out, and regular maintenance is the way to avoid that. We’ll be able to maintain your system and ensure when you do go to turn it on, you’ll be greeted by nothing but warm air.

For additional information about any of these services or any special requests you may have give us a call at 215-947-1166 or contact us using the form on the right.


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