Good Deals Heating and Cooling air qualityHeating and air conditioning companies often focus on temperature during unit installation. However, air quality is another vital aspect of the business. Poor indoor air quality leads to stagnant air, discomfort in the home, and poor temperature control. Home air quality is crucial to the health of the residents. If there is anyone in the house who is allergic to dust, pollen, and such, excellent air quality must be maintained. 

What Affects Your Air Quality?

Air Filters

Changing air filters is essential, but unfortunately, it gets ignored by many. Some people neglect the filter, and it becomes dirty and disrupts the unit’s airflow requiring it to work harder. However, this simple task can be done by the homeowner. Make it a point and write it down on the calendar as a reminder. We recommend changing the filter at least twice per year for crisp air quality.

Air Purification

Ever heard of the “dirty sock syndrome?” It’s a condition where mildew grows on the evaporator coil of the HVAC unit and causes unpleasant odors in the home. Air fresheners might mask the smell, but a coil cleaning will eliminate it. To avoid this, schedule a coil cleaning with an HVAC service technician.


Changing the filter ensures a dust-free home. If the house is continuously dusty, it could be a sign of a dirty filter. When was the last time the filters were changed? If your answer is “I don’t know,” then the time to replace them is past due. Open Windows

Opening windows is a simple way to relieve stagnant air by letting in some fresh air. However, in some cases, open windows can be a bad idea. It allows in unfiltered and untreated air inside depositing dirt, dust, and allergens in your home. Open the windows when it’s not windy; this will reduce the amount of debris into the house.

Cleaning Products

Did you know that the interior of a home can have worse air quality than the air outside? The reason is there are different products we put in the air that lower the quality of the air indoors. These include chemical air fresheners, cleaning supplies, and deodorants. Reducing the use of these products in the home helps keep the air quality high.

Indoor air quality determines the comfort of your home. Do you want to stay in a house with clean air or one with dusty and unpleasant smelling odors? Get in touch with us today, and let’s elevate the air quality in your home.

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