A heat pump is a combined heating and cooling system used in homes located in temperate climates. Heat pumps are very efficient and save energy. Their beauty is that they can seamlessly switch between heating and cooling a house, which is nice during the transition seasons of spring and fall.

While heat pumps are a sturdy and reliable way to heat and cool your home, they can have leaks now and then. Regular heater maintenance will catch these small issues that, if left unchecked, can result in high repair bills. Here are a few ideas about why water will leak from a heat pump.

Top Reasons Your Heat Pump Is Dripping Water

Frozen Coils

When it is hot out during the summer, the evaporator coils in a heat pump can freeze up. This freezing happens when the refrigerant levels are too low in the system. When the heat pump coils are frozen, it’s harder for a house to stay cool. The heat pump will run and run, but the air coming out of the vents will not be cool. Once the ice melts from the coil, leaks can happen within the heat pump.

Draining Issues

Another potential reason there is leaking could be due to draining issues. If the drain pan underneath the unit is not cleaned, water can’t adequately siphon from the heat pump system. This liquid build-up creates overflow and leaking.

Coil Is Dirty

Not only can an evaporator coil become frozen, but it can also get dirty or clogged. If this happens, water can’t correctly drain out of the heat pump. In this situation, a professional should be called in for a repair.

Condensate Drain Is Clogged

Heat pumps also have internal drainage systems. If the condensate drain within the heat pump is clogged, water cannot be removed from the heat pump. This clog will eventually cause leaks and dripping.

Overflow Pan Has Cracks

Finally, a heat pump could be dripping because of a cracked overflow pan. A cracked overflow pan is less of an issue, as this is not caused by internal leakage. However, the homeowner will want to get this part of the heat pump replaced, so water doesn’t leak on the floor.

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