Often older homes can come with ductwork that has aged. While replacing the ductwork and HVAC system might seem like a great solution, it can be pretty expensive. However, the chances are that the damages can be repaired through duct sealing. But does this suggest that any duct tape can work for a heating repair in Huntington Valley, PA? Not necessarily, neither does it imply that you should try to seal the air ducts yourself. Duct tape is not ideal for permanently sealing your ducts – it peels off when temperatures fluctuate. So, your best bet is to have a professional use mastic sealant. It’s long-lasting and excellent for leaky ductwork.

Is Duct Sealing Worth The Investment?

Yes. It can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills in the long haul without compromising comfort. Leaving leaking ducts unattended can translate to uneven cooling around your home and losing hot/cool air (based on the time of the year) to non-living areas (inside the walls, ceilings, or floors). Higher energy bills and less comfort – who wants that?

Why is Professional Duct Sealing Important?

Indoor Air Quality: One of the significant benefits of professional duct sealing is that it guarantees improved indoor air quality. Keep in mind that contaminants and allergens can make their way into your home if there’s a slight gap in the air ducts, reducing air quality and the health of those living in the house.

Reduce Pollution: Another benefit of professional duct sealing is that it reduces pollution by being energy efficient. Homes with sealed-up ducts will require less energy to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Homeowners who are consciously contributing to the well-being of their environment prioritize professional duct sealing.

Comfort: People who would rather not compromise on comfort will always seek professional help for their heating repair in Huntington Valley, PA. Imagine the house’s interior is cold in winter just because there is a breach in the ductwork; that will pose a lot of discomfort to you and your loved ones. To be on the safe side, always ensure your air ducts are properly sealed and insulated.

Safety: Backdrafting occurs as a result of leaky ductwork. And this can force gas(which should have exited through your ventilation system) back into your house. This situation is unsafe for you and your loved ones, as it puts your health at risk.

Good Deals Heating and Cooling

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