air-conditioner-maintenanceIt’s best to maintain a heating system than to wait until problems start to surface and it becomes too costly to repair. Cleaning a heating system that has issues such as leaks can be pretty expensive. To avoid these costs, proper maintenance is important. If you are looking for ways to prevent leaks, spills among other issues, consider these tips to maintain your heating system.

Regular inspections are important

Heating systems need to undergo regular inspection. An annual inspection for leaks should be done by a reliable company. The vent pipe needs to be checked every fall to ensure it doesn’t have obstructions that lead to spills. The tanker needs to be cleaned thoroughly at least every 10 years. Issues like corrosion, if ignored can lead to leaks.

Consider upgrading

There are so many modern and fuel-efficient heating systems being developed. If the system has been in use for many years, you may want to upgrade to a better one. Shop around for home heating systems that suit your needs and budget. Make sure you consider their efficiency as well as cost. At the end of the day, a brand new system that’s more efficient will save you costs of maintenance and serve you longer.

Inspect the underground tank

If your water heating system has an underground tank, it may need to be replaced with an above ground storage tank. Above ground tanks are better because they are not very prone to corrosion, rust and other forms of damage. Ensure the tank is stable once placed above-ground to prevent the risk of falling over and getting damaged.

Keep the tank area clean

Indoor above-ground tanks can also show signs of pitting and corrosion. You need to watch out for any signs of aging that may require you to replace the tank. You can use a plastic heating tray just below the tank. Place it underneath the tank so as to keep the area clean. It also helps you to identify leaks easily and take the necessary measures to stop them.

Contact a professional

If you suspect a leak or spill, do not wait until the issue escalates. It is important to call a reliable HVAC company in Philadelphia for assistance. Cleaning up an oil leak is a very costly process so it’s best to report it as early as you can. The technicians will come in and save the situation.

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