Air conditioners (A/C) units are commonly found in homes, offices, and vehicles. These appliances help control the ventilation, humidity, and temperature of the environment allowing the atmosphere to remain comfortable even in warm/hot conditions. Despite all the benefits of these modern-day wonders, there are several common misconceptions about A/C units that consumers believe. Some of these myths can cost you money. However, as a homeowner, if you know better, you’ll end up saving money without losing out on the comfort and cooling features of your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Myths

Let’s take a look at these common A/C myths and debunk them so you can save your hard-earned money.

Myth #1: Your A/C Must be Off While You’re Away to Save Energy

If you’re in the habit of turning off your A/C before going out on a hot day when you turn it back on, it’ll consume more energy to cool your home. Leave the A/C on as it is and turn the thermostat setting up instead. The house will be warmer but not so hot that it’ll cost a lot to return it to a comfortable temperature.

Myth #2: It’s Better to Use an Old A/C Unit

While an old A/C unit may serve its purpose for an extended period, there comes a time when it’s better and more cost-effective to invest in a new air-conditioning system. A new one will serve you for many years and perform at a higher efficiency – reducing your energy costs. An old A/C unit might also end up costing a lot to maintain.

Here are the signs that your A/C unit needs to be replaced.

  • The unit is over ten years old.
  • The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is below 14, which means it costs more to operate.
  • There have been frequent repairs required recently, or an expensive repair is pending.
  • Your home temperature is not as comfortable as before.
  • The unit uses R-22 Freon. This Freon is being phased out by the US government as of January 2020 and will become increasingly hard to find and expensive.

Myth #3: Turning Down Your Thermostat Will Help the Home Cool Faster

The trick is to keep your thermostat setting as close as possible to the temperature outside. That way, you’ll save money. The bigger the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature, the longer and harder your A/C unit will have to work.

Myth #4: Fans Can Keep A Room Cool

A fan can help you lower your body temperature and make you feel cooler. However, it does not do much to the air temperature (aside from moving the air in the room).

Myth #5: A/C Checkups Are A Waste Of Resources

If you have an air conditioner that performs optimally, you’ll want to keep it that way as that could help you save money off more costly repairs. Investing the time and resources needed to keep your A/C functioning at its best is not a waste. It’ll help you tackle minor faults before they become complex, and your A/C unit will serve you for much longer that way.

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