Many homeowners use a heat pump to control the temperature of their house. They do so because heat pumps are efficient, safe, and cost-effective. They keep warm air trapped in a home during the winter and remove hot air during the summer to keep you cool. Still, heat pumps are not perfect. And sometimes they leak. If you notice your heat pump is dripping water, there could be something wrong with your unit. We’ll talk more about what causes this issue and HVAC maintenance you can do.

Is It Bad If My Heat Pump Is Dripping Water?

But what does it mean when a heat pump is dripping water? Many heat pumps drip water. This occurrence usually indicates that a heat pump needs a quick repair. It is a small issue; homeowners should deal with water dripping quickly. This way, if it does develop into a bigger problem, you can prevent severe damage. Really, in some cases, dripping water can mean something significant is going on with a pump. If this is not addressed, a pump can leak large amounts of water and even cause flooding and water damage.

Why Is Your Heat Pump Leaking Exactly?

Sometimes, the drip is caused by a clogged drain pan; this is where water drains from the unit. Maybe the drain is full of debris or mold or other obstructions. When this happens, the water can’t go through properly and drain. As a result, the heating pump drips. In other cases, the coil can become frozen. Usually, this happens in the summer. If the pump is low on refrigerant, the coils can ice up. And when the ice eventually melts, this causes dripping. Leakage can also be caused, not just from frozen coils, but from dirty coils. When the coils are dirty, they won’t drain water properly and will lead to dripping.

Other issues to look into are a cracked overflow pan. An overflow pan collects a lot of moisture. But when it is broken, moisture escapes and leaks into the unit. Alternatively, the condensate drain could also be clogged. The condensate drain helps keep moisture away from home. However, when it is clogged, the water from this drain will leak.

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