Accidental house fires are a common cause of loss for life and property in the United States. We hear about incidents quite often, and these accidents send chills up the spine. Is your home safe, and are you secure? Most people would answer, “I don’t know,” but want to know how to mitigate such incidents. Follow the article below to know more about securing your home from house fires.

Keeping Accidental Heating Unit Fires at Home

Statistics by the National Fire Protection Agency show heating equipment constitutes the second largest cause of house fires. Listed are types of heating equipment and the risks associated with them.

Space Heaters: Space heaters cause about 70% of home fires in winter. Electric shock and overload on the circuit are two common causes of fire due to space heaters.

Fireplaces: A high burning temperature and failure to clean the chimney can result in fires.

Radiators: Exposure to flammable substances or overheating can result in fires from radiators.

Kerosene Heaters: Improper fueling of the kerosene heaters can be another potential threat for house fires

House Fires are a REAL Danger for Homes Across America

Good Deals heating and Cooling furnace heatingNumerous cases of such fires are recorded each year. Between 2012- 2016, there were around 52,050 fires, which resulted in 490 deaths and a loss of $1 billion, accounting for property damages. Now the question is how to ensure safety for yourself from such fire hazards? The answer is straightforward, regular maintenance of your heating appliance.  64% of the fires are caused due to poor maintenance of the heating equipment, while 27% are due to carelessness in handling combustible substances.

Tips to prevent fire hazards for your home:

  • Test smoke detectors twice a year
  • Use a central heating system as they are associated with the least risk compared to other variants
  • Get your chimney cleaned annually
  • Keep a diffusion screen over the fireplace
  • Handle the combustible substances carefully and place them at least 3 feet away from the heating appliances
  • Switch off the heater while outside the home or going to bed
  • Use only one heating appliance at a time

The last and most important tip is to hire registered and authenticated companies for your HVAC maintenance.

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