Good Deals Heating and Cooling energy efficientThe coming summer months are linked to increased tension. As the temperatures rise, so do the electricity bills. Are you troubled by elevated utility costs due to high consumption by air conditioners? While you cannot control the rising temperature, you can certainly take control over your utility bills by adopting the following energy-efficient habits.

Programmable Thermostats

If you’ve not already replaced your conventional thermostat with the modern programmable ones, then it’s high time that you do. Programmable thermostats are a great way to cut down the additional expenses and maintain energy efficiency.

A programmable thermostat can automatically turn off the HVAC unit or raise temperatures while the home is vacant and resume the comfortable temperature before the occupants return. This way, you get a healthy environment when you’re home and save on electricity expenses while you’re away.

Use Ceiling Fans

Circulating air is very useful for cooling down a room. It’s your best friend in the scorching summer days. The turning fan can make a room feel four degrees cooler. This way, you won’t have to set the AC temperature as low to stay comfortable. Remember to switch off the fan before leaving the room or have it on a timer switch.

Update Appliances

Electronic items tend to consume higher energy as they age. Hence, it’s essential to get them serviced at regular intervals to track their energy consumption pattern. It is advisable to replace refrigerators and air conditioners about every eight years because newer appliances are more energy-efficient.

Switching Off Electronics

Good Deals Heating and Cooling HVAC air filtersSwitch off all electronics after use. The most common practice of leaving the cell phone and laptop chargers plugged in may seem like small savings. Still, when added together, it is a significant contributor to your monthly electricity bills. Hence, turn them off.

To stay energy-efficient, you can opt for a single power strip. This way, you can control all the plugs from a common control point.

Replace Air Filters

Accumulation of dust in the air filters of an HVAC unit forces higher energy consumption due to increased strain. To avoid this, you should replace air filters every three months or more frequently in the months of high usage. By doing so, you can ensure a long life for your HVAC along with higher energy efficiency.

If you feel that your bills are skyrocketing, then it’s the right time to schedule an appointment and get your air conditioner inspected. To book an appointment for air conditioner service, contact Good Deals Heating and Cooling at 215-947-1166.