The air quality in modern homes is not as good as most people would expect. Unseen contaminants are lurking in houses and lower the air quality. As a result, many health complications are cropping up.

Are Indoor Contaminants Hurting You More Than You Realize?

Research has indicated that air quality indoors can be two to five times worse than the air outside. Millions of people are affected by their home’s poor air quality and become ill due to pollution in indoor spaces. This statistic is worrying, considering that most of us spend most of our time inside our homes and offices.

There are ways to deal with this issue. Let’s talk more about indoor air contaminants and how to get rid of them.

What Causes Indoor Pollution And What Are The Risks?

Indoor pollution comes from many sources. Typically, dust, bacteria, allergens, and moisture build-ups cause poor air quality. Contaminants such as radon and toxic chemicals can also create issues for indoor spaces. For instance, furniture materials and fabrics can give off compounds that interact with the air and cause health issues. Radon can also rise from the ground and into poorly insulated homes.

Good Deals Heating and Cooling HVACSome people might not think this is a big deal. But indoor pollution affects persons of any age. It can create health issues and lower life expectancy. For instance, excessive dust or moisture in homes can lead to molds, dust mites, and the development of allergies. Radon exposure over the years can increase the risk of lung cancer. Considering this, homeowners should take the risks of poor air quality seriously.

What Can You Do To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Ventilation is the number one way homeowners can improve the air quality of their homes. Houses should be well ventilated to decrease moisture build-up and keep contaminants from settling in the air. Filters should be placed inside vents. This way, harmful particles are trapped and kept away from the lungs.

Homeowners should test radon levels and air quality. Any home appliances that use heat or are combustible should have ventilation, including stoves and furnaces.

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