Good Deals Heating and Cooling furnace repairIf your home is heated by a furnace, then you know all too well that unusual rattling sounds from the furnace can ruin your peace and relaxation. You probably worry how scary it can be if there’s something wrong with the furnace. Though there are sounds that are not a concern, there are distinct others that are often early warning signs of more significant problems. If you encounter one, never attempt to troubleshoot it yourself but rather hire professionals to inspect. Furnace repair isn’t as simple as replacing some old nuts and bolts, but more of a technical procedure that requires expertise. With that being said, here are some furnace sounds you need to be listening out for:

Banging/Clattering at Start-Up

Like any typical engine start-up, popping, booming, or banging sounds are not ordinary. This phenomenon is likely caused by combusting excessive fuel build-up resulting from ignition failure. Ignition failure occurs when the burner does not reach a high enough temperature to burn the fuel, which leads to fuel build-up. When the cycle starts again, a spark is ignited. With that excessive fuel a mini explosion occurs. These explosions are the banging sounds you hear.

Now imagine the harm it can cause if enough explosions occur and wreck your furnace? If you hear this type of sound, shut the furnace down and call an expert to conduct furnace repair as soon as possible.

Squealing Sound

Good Deals Heating and Cooling system maintenanceA high-pitched squeal can be traced solely to belts or bearings in the furnace, usually in the blower assembly caused by worn-out belts that affect the air intake processes of the furnace. Have it checked by a professional because repairing worn-out belts is more complicated than you might think. Failure to do so can affect heating efficiency resulting in blown-out utility costs and an eventual broken belt.

Clicking Sound

Clicking sounds are annoying and do not stop unless acted upon. This sound usually comes from the heat exchanger or igniter. As soon as you hear clicks, have these parts checked. If they appear to be working just fine, consider tuning-up the whole furnace to re-tighten loose bolts, nuts, and other joint assemblies that are likely the source of clicking sounds.

Whistling or Vibrating

Consistent whistling indicates that parts of the airflow system are either clogged or dislodged, causing the air to make noise. Check the ductwork, air filters, and connections between parts if there are dirt, air seepage, and obstructions and perform necessary repairs. Doing so potentially improves the furnace’s airflow efficiency and thus, lowering utility costs.

Grinding Sounds

This sound is usually an indicator that some assembly parts are loose and are hitting other components, which can be alarming and dangerous if left neglected. Loose parts can potentially damage your furnace permanently. If you hear excessive grinding sounds, shut it down immediately, and conduct necessary furnace repairs.

As soon as you hear unusual sounds from your furnace as described above, seek immediate professional help as the dangers associated, if left neglected, are quite severe. Call the team of experts at Good Deals Heating and Cooling at 215-947-1166 to set up a furnace repair appointment today.