HVAC Contractors Philadelphia

HVAC Contractors Philadelphia

Nothing is worse for Philadelphia homeowners than having their air conditioners go out during the hottest months of the year. And nothing is more important to us than restoring and maintaining our customers’ comfort. Unless you want to wake up one hot morning without any air conditioning, here are some common symptoms to watch out for from HVAC Contractors Philadelphia.

Icing on the condenser coil on the indoor portion of your air conditioner, or ice on the refrigerant lines outside can be caused by several conditions. The most common culprit is reduced or restricted airflow from a dirty air filter or restricted air ducts. In some instances, a refrigerant (commonly called Freon) leak can cause a condition where ice accumulates on the indoor coil.

You’re air conditioner can freeze up because of over-use, broken parts, lack of maintenance, or any number of other reasons. A potentially sticky situation, one you want to avoid at all costs lest the dog days of summer – we can hear the howling now – become a sweltering nightmare. In fact, there’s hope for people who in a situation where an air conditioner breaks. Rather than “sweat the small stuff,” because a broken air conditioner means you’ll be sweating bullets, keep your air conditioning system serviced annually.

Sometimes when an air conditioner isn’t blowing out cold air, it’s a sign that you need a freon recharge, which can be done for a fraction of the cost of AC replacement. However, if this is an ongoing problem, even after repeated recharges, you may need to face the fact that you need a new system. A new system should keep you ice cold if you set the thermostat low enough. If your system can no longer do that even after a full charge of freon, something is wrong.

Should you decide to replace your HVAC unit, our Philadelphia HVAC repair services are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, giving you peace of mind for your repair service or new Philadelphia HVAC equipment investment.

We never close. HVAC Contractors Philadelphia Emergency Repair Service is available 24/7/365. All of our cooling repair services are even guaranteed 100% in writing for your complete peace of mind. We are fully licensed and insured in repair, sales, ac installation and air conditioning maintenance for ALL brands of cooling equipment.