Good Deals Heating and Cooling HVAC servicesCan you sit in one room for your home and be cold, then walk into the next room and it’s hot? Air balance is vital to have in a home. With proper air balance, you can avoid having cold and hot pockets in your house. Homeowners can save money, as the air in their place is evenly distributed throughout each room and easier to maintain.

Homeowners can avoid hot and cold pockets in their home with air balance. This article discusses how you can live in your home comfortably. Simple HVAC services and checkups can go a long way!

Top Ways to Avoid Hot and Cold Pockets

Make Sure Your Filters are Clean

If there is a lot of debris and dust clogging your HVAC filters, it will be hard for air to flow freely in a home. Dirty filters can create cold or hot pockets in the house. Make sure to check your filters and clean them if they are dirty. In the long run, clean filters will also make your cooling and heating system more efficient, allowing you to save money and extend your HVAC system’s life.

Check for Drafts

In addition to checking the HVAC system, check your home for drafts. Drafts can lead to cold pockets in the house. Sealing windows and doors will cut off these indoors drafts. It also prevents heat loss to the outdoors.

Make Sure Air Flow is Not Blocked

Another issue that could cause hot or cold pockets is blocked vents. First, make sure the vents are open and ensure that furniture or other items do not cover the vents. Blocked ducts could cause air to stop flowing in a room and create a temperature imbalance. Home vents need around eighteen inches of clearance to work correctly. Be mindful of this when placing large items in a room.

Turn the Fan “On”

To rebalance the air in a home, place your thermostat fan setting in the “on” position. This indoor fan setting will help blow air throughout your home. Indoor air will be replaced and replenished, which will keep airflow constant, helping reduce cold and hot spots.

Good Deals Heating & Cooling

If you require further HVAC services, call Good Deals Heating & Cooling. Sometimes, reducing hot and cold pockets in your home might not be a simple fix. A professional may need to come in to assess your HVAC system and help rebalance airflow. Our company has years of experience and can help improve your HVAC systems output efficiently and quickly—Call 215-947-1166 to set up an appointment.