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Do you enjoy a refreshing home in the heat of summer or a warm house in the dead of winter? I know I sure do. HVAC routine and preventative maintenance is a must to ensure a comfortable environment at home when it’s needed.

What is HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance is best done by a professional. It involves cleaning components of your heating and cooling systems like the condenser coils, evaporator coils, compressor, filters, and more. Most people change their air filter regularly and find that reasonably straightforward, but the other parts can be a bit tricky. While the technician is cleaning the coils and compressor, they are also looking for issues that the untrained eye may not notice.

Maintenance also entails lubricating moving parts, cleaning debris, and checking the condensate drain. Inspecting exhaust outlets and checking voltage and connections is an integral part of the maintenance routine. All of the parts of your system should be checked for malfunctions to ensure that your system is running well.

Why is HVAC Maintenance Important?

If you don’t maintain your HVAC system, you can find yourself living in uncomfortable temperatures at the most inopportune times. Lack of maintenance over time will cause your system to fail. Once it fails, it can be costly to repair, especially if you have to replace a condenser or evaporator coil. It could be something as simple as just dust and debris build-up or a filter change. Why take the chance of spending additional money?

Maintenance will help ensure that all parts of the system are working correctly and you don’t find yourself without heat in the middle of winter. Dust and debris is a natural occurrence in the outdoor components of the system, but too much debris is going to cause problems. The drain for the condensation that happens within your system also needs to be free and clear of clogs. Clogging can lead to excess water, which will eventually lead to more significant problems such as mold and mildew, and those cause respiratory issues.

Electrical connection and voltages are also crucial because damaged links and incorrect voltages can lead to damage to the HVAC system or worse it could lead to a fire. During maintenance, damage is prevented. Another essential reason for the maintenance is carbon monoxide; if exhaust vents are clogged, it can lead to carbon monoxide build-up.

Lastly, economics is a massive reason besides safety and efficiency to have your HVAC system maintained professionally. When your system works harder to perform and keep temperatures where you want them, the higher your heating and cooling bill is going to be. So to cut costs having proper routine maintenance is a good idea. Refrigerant levels are one of the biggest reasons that your system will work harder. Without the appropriate equipment to check it, you will never know until it’s too late.

It’s Never Too Late

Contact the pros at Good Deals Heating and Cooling to schedule your maintenance. Have your HVAC system serviced at least once a year. If you live in a climate that uses heating and cooling heavily, have the system serviced twice a year. Save your system and your pocketbook by having annual or biannual maintenance done. Call 215-947-1166 to schedule your appointment today.