Upon discovering they’re pregnant, many women start to fret over the multitude of things that could potentially affect their pregnancy. Usually, the big thing women worry about is nutrition. Is it safe to eat fish? Should they only eat organic produce? What many women don’t think about is the air they’re breathing. Most women know to avoid smoke, but what about the air quality inside buildings where they spend most of their time?

Indoor Air Quality

Recent research suggests that air pollution, both indoors and out, can significantly impact mothers and unborn babies. Before your baby is born, take the time to consider the HVAC system inside your home. Air purifiers and humidifiers are helpful, but the HVAC system is the heart of your home’s air quality. If it’s not clean, your air isn’t clean.

Adverse Effects

Many studies suggest poor air quality has adverse effects on unborn babies. Some of the consequences of bad air quality are low birth weight, preterm birth, autism spectrum disorder, asthma, high blood pressure, and delayed development. The danger isn’t just for babies, either. Expectant mothers can also experience side effects from poor air quality, including gestational diabetes, miscarriage, and difficulty getting pregnant.

Ventilation Problems

Because of lack of adequate circulation and ventilation, the air indoors is often much worse than the air outdoors. It can be beneficial to check your home for possible sources of air pollution. This process can be as simple as a spot where mold is growing. Other signs of ventilation problems include condensation on windows or walls, smelly or stuffy air, or dirty heating and cooling equipment. Check your home for radon, a gas that has no odor or color but is extremely dangerous. You can buy an inexpensive testing kit or hire a professional to do it for you.

Open Windows, Turn on Fans

If it’s nice out, the simplest thing to do is open the windows and let in some fresh air. A window AC with the vent control open will pull in fresh air from the outside. Turn on window or attic fans, and use bathroom or kitchen fans that blow air out to expel stale air.

Professional Inspection

You can also call in a professional to inspect and clean all of your HVAC equipment. An expert can make sure everything is in perfect working order, is clean, and as efficient as possible to keep your home’s air quality in tip-top shape. This process will ensure that you and your baby are as safe as possible while you’re indoors.

Good Deals Heating and Cooling

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