air-conditioner-maintenanceYou have no idea how uncomfortable your house can be until your HVAC unit stops working. Proper HVAC maintenance in Philadelphia is essential for continued functionality and efficiency of the entire system. You can carry out the following simple maintenance practices to ensure your HVAC unit lasts longer and breaks down less often:

The first thing you should always do before you start working on your HVAC PPhiladelphia is to shut off the power. There is the potential danger of electrical shock when working on electrical appliances.

Cleaning the exterior condenser/compressor

The external condenser/compressor is exposed to a lot of dirt and debris from the outside environment. You may find a pile up of dirt, dead leaves and twigs all around your external unit that affect your HVAC unit performance. You can use a screwdriver or wrench to remove the fasteners and the fun cage on the exterior unit. Use your hands or a dry vacuum to clean the interior of all the leaves and debris.

You can also use your garden hose to clean the fins from the inside to blast away any dirt stuck in between them. Avoid using a pressure washer since it can damage the fins. Just use a steady stream of water from the garden hose. There is also commercial fin cleaning spray that you can use for the fins. Use a butter knife to straighten out any bent fins since reduction in airflow through the fins reduces your HVAC efficiency.

Finish off by cleaning the area around the unit. Trim out any bushes and grass that may interfere with the unit. Sweep up and rake up all the leaves in the area.

Cleaning the inside blower/furnace unit

You may need to remove a few bolts and screws for this part. Get a small cup or container to put the screws and bolts while working so you do not lose them. You will need a soft brush to dust of the coils. You can use a commercially available coil cleaner that makes it extremely easy to clean the coils without much effort.

The drain tube is where the water from the evaporator coils drains through to the basement floor drain or utility sink. Algae and mold build up can plug up this tube so the water does not flow and this can lead to flooring. You can use a wet or dry vacuum to clean the drain so the water can flow through it smoothly.

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