Spring HVAC Maintenance TipsHVAC maintenance is essential as it helps preserve the quality of your system and keep the power bills minimal. By ignoring maintenance, efficiency will decrease, power bills will shoot up, and eventually the system will stop functioning. Maintenance is a cost-effective practice that will save you from all these issues.

If you are confident about your skill, you can do maintenance by yourself. If you are not, you should hire an HVAC expert to assist. During checkups, some of the following will be addressed so as to keep the power bills minimal.


Most systems come with a filter whose main function is to remove dirt, debris and other particles from the air in your house. The filters need to be replaced routinely as the dirt builds up. If not changed, the system becomes clogged and performs less efficiently. This leads to a rise in the amount of energy that is utilized by the system to perform its functions. So if the filters are not changed, your power bills will continue to go up as the system becomes more clogged with dirt.

Condenser coil

The condenser coil is another component of the air conditioner that requires regular maintenance. It helps in expelling the heat traveling through the system. When not checked regularly, a layer of dirt and debris forms on the condenser coil insulating it. This interferes with its efficiency causing the unit to run with high pressure to meet the desired level of cooling. Running at a high pressure causes it to consume more power than it should.

Refrigerant charge

The refrigerant’s charge needs to be checked regularly since if its goes high or low, it will increase power consumption.


Because of the rapid movements and vibration, the fan can become loose. Whenever it becomes loose, it should be tightened immediately.

Fan belt

Just like the fan, the fan belt is bound to become loose due to the movements. It will also become worn out with time. Once worn out it should be replaced so as to ensure that your system runs efficiently without adding to power cost.

The specialist for HVAC maintenance in Philadelphia you hire will check all the component of your system to guarantee that it remains energy efficient. With a good maintenance plan, you can enjoy the cool air without having to worry about power bills going up and your system breaking down. Check out this useful reference.