EXIF_JPEG_T422You only realize how important your HVAC system is to your home when it stops working and you have no heat or clean air. Regular HVAC maintenance is important if you want to avoid costly repairs or replacing the entire system prematurely. There are some things that you can do immediately to improve your HVAC system as well as a couple of regular or seasonal practices for longevity.

Buying a new high efficiency pleated filter, for instance, is a good place to start. These filters have electrostatic charges that can grab the tiniest particles out of the air, including bacteria carrying dirt. This makes your air conditioning system function more efficiently. These filters often require replacement once in every ninety days but if your home has been particularly active with pets or a lot of guests, you can change the filter whenever it looks clogged.

Stuffiness around the outdoor air conditioning unit and heat pumps can also cause untimely HVAC repair or system breakdown. Keep the area clear of any bushes, long grass, and clutter that could damage the outdoor unit or prevent it from expelling the hot air properly. During warm seasons of spring and summer, you can clear any leaves, twigs and dirt from the outdoor air conditioning unit at least once a week. And while mowing your lawn, do not discharge the grass clippings towards it.

Regular inspection is often necessary to troubleshoot any potential problems with the system. If you are well versed in the technology used, then you should check out the refrigerant lines and replace them, ensure the outdoor unit are firm and level ground among other things. You can also get into a regular inspection and maintenance schedule with a trusted Philadelphia HVAC company so you do not have to worry about these problems. The HVAC Company will simply call you up a couple of days in advance to remind you that your inspection is due.

You should learn to operate your HVAC system properly depending on the weather outside. For instance, you should shut off the water supply to the furnace humidifier since you often do not need it in summer. You should replace the humidifier wick filter and turn on the water supply when it gets cold in fall and winter when you expect to crank up the heat. Your home’s carbon monoxide detector will also need a battery replacement at least once a year.

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