A/C Service in Philadelphia PA

A/C Service in Philadelphia PA

Have you ever experienced a HVAC emergency in the middle of the summer when the temperature outside are toeing the three digit line? Or in the middle of winter when the snow outside is piling up and pipes are freezing? According to the Rules of Murphy, those are the times that your heating or cooling system will fail you. It would be nice to know that Good Deals Heating & Cooling has your back during these emergencies, wouldn’t it?

Adding another monthly payment that has to be made can seem like a difficult decision, but preventing thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs make it more than worth it to consider investing in a management agreement. These agreements not only help prevent those costly or major repairs, they prolong the life of your current unit to ward off having to replace it. The cleaning your unit will receive will keep it running as efficiently as possible, avoiding spikes in energy bills. Many warranties require yearly maintenance in order to remain effective.

Each HVAC specialist will offer you different incentives to join their program, remember to ask them any questions you have up front, for example:

  1. Is there a discount on repair fees?
  2. Is there priority service during emergencies?
  3. Are there overtime charges?
  4. How many yearly visits will I be entitled to?
  5. Do you have a parts guarantee?

Also ask them questions about their business to insure you are receiving the highest quality work:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. How many technicians does your business employ?
  3. Do you answer your phones live or do I have to leave a message?
  4. Do you have any references I can call?

Here are 7 Benefits you WILL receive if you invest in preventative maintenance
1. Lower energy bills
2. No more costly repairs
3. Extend the life of your equipment
4. Priority service status
5. Peace of mind that your HVAC unit is running at maximum efficiency.