Heat pumps are beneficial. Not only do they help create heat, but they can also supply cool air with the ability to switch back and forth between the two seamlessly. Like all HVAC equipment, heat pumps are complex machines full of tubing. As a result, there is a chance for a leak to develop over time. While a leak is not immediately dangerous, a technician should be called once the leak is detected to prevent further damage. In the meantime, some simple heater maintenance can help mitigate future leaks and prevent any current ones from growing worse.

Heater Maintenance Tips

Leak Points

One potential leak point has to do with the moisture removal heat pumps perform. Since they collect water, said water could leak if the pump or its parts are old and worn. The drain line or overflow pan for the pump’s water can both be leak points, mostly if the pan was not set correctly. Leaks can also occur if the overflow pan is cracked. Regular cleaning of the coils and occasional replacement of the pan can help these issues.


Another potential problem is the evaporator coils freezing. This situation can happen if the heat pump runs low on refrigerant. Ensuring the fluid levels are properly topped off is easy heater maintenance to prevent such problems. Freezing coils can create excessive condensation that might leak, though that’s less of an issue than the coils themselves.

Overflow Pans

If improperly seated, overflow pans can cause leaks. They can leak if they’re cracked. Ensuring the pan is installed correctly and replaced as needed will help mitigate leaks.


Preventing leaks and other heat pump damage is, as with other systems, a matter of regular maintenance. Overflow pans and the coils are equipment spots most likely to suffer damage that can cause leaks, and routine maintenance can prevent that. The coils freezing over can be a big problem, but as that usually only happens if fluids run low, keeping them topped off will help prevent that. Leaks can still occur from age and wear, but taking care of the heat pump and attached components and systems will reduce the risks.

Good Deals Heating and Cooling

Regular heater maintenance can go a long way toward preventing heat pump leaks, but call Good Deals Heating and Cooling when they occur. We have expert technicians who ensure any repairs are thorough and complete and protect against issues further down the line. Call us today at 215-947-1166 and set up an HVAC system check-up appointment.