philadelphia maintenance agreement prevents problems

Philadelphia maintenance agreement prevents problems

The temp just hit 92 degrees, and the radio’s saying tomorrow will be hotter. Your three well-mannered children and their four not-so-well-behaved friends are playing inside because of the heat. And if that’s not enough, you notice your living room is 10 degrees hotter than it was two hours ago. You know it can’t be an A/C problem because your spouse promised you, five times, they’d have the unit inspected last spring.

Many things can cause havoc in your home … but don’t let it be a simple thing like neglecting A/C maintenance!

You’ve Got Choices for HVAC

Automate the Process

Our HVAC maintenance agreements mean we keep track of when your units are due for a check-up and call you to schedule. You no longer have to remember whether it was last April, or three Aprils ago, since your unit was serviced. Our agreements cover seasonal check-ups for your heating system, as well as A/C.

Hate Commitment?

Our one-time seasonal service call will verify that your unit is in tip-top shape to get you through the summer, whatever the weather brings. While what you really care about it that your home is comfortably cool, the details are that we’ll inspect your air filter, refrigerant pressure and all electrical connections, and clean your unit, including the condenser and evaporator coils and condensate drain.

Do It Yourself

If you enjoy outdoor tasks, these tips will make your unit more efficient and prolong its life. Keep it clean: wash your outside condensing unit regularly with a water hose and clear away leaves and other debris that could impede air flow. Change your filters every month: filters have a maximum lifespan of only three months and new filters make your unit much more efficient.

Save Your Money, Your Vacation & the Planet

  • Although our replacement units are among the most reasonable in the area, protect your summer budget. We don’t want you to spend your vacation savings on an emergency replacement A/C unit. Your existing unit may have lasted a few more years with proper maintenance.
  • Well-maintained units use less electricity. You can think of many fun ways to spend the dollars you save on your power bill.
  • Clean, efficient units produce much less pollution.

Major things we can’t control will always happen … your home being unbearably hot in the summer or cold in the winter isn’t one of them. Let us help you mark these items off your “worry” list.