The temperature has hit 90 degrees. You hit the “cool” button on the thermostat and…nothing. Your only option is to sit in a sweltering house, and wait for an HVAC technician to show up, who will then charge you an extra high fee for the “emergency call.” So, how do you avoid this situation? Get your unit serviced in spring before the heat hits. This article will explain why it’s best to check your air conditioner regularly, especially before those hot summer months.

Common Issues a Checkup Could Prevent

The whole reason behind getting your HVAC checked before you need to use it is that you can often catch a problem early. Minor issues can be discovered and repaired before they become big expensive problems.


One of the first issues many technicians will check is refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant will cause your air conditioning to stop blowing cold air. In addition, it can cause other issues like compressor damage, which can be costly to fix. So, maintaining the proper refrigerant level is a high priority.

Electrical Issues

Another common issue that may cause more significant problems is electrical issues. Properly connected electrical wiring will not short or spark. Ensuring all wires and connections are in good condition will keep your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the summer season.

Condenser Coils and Evaporator

Over several seasons your home’s HVAC unit can accumulate a surprising amount of dirt and debris. Debris can quickly clog up internal components like the condenser coils or the evaporator if left alone. Dirty coils can lead to a reduction in energy efficiency and cooling ability.

Motors and Thermostat

Your HVAC unit’s motor needs oil to run smoothly like any other machine. However, sometimes, if your thermostat isn’t functioning correctly, it can cause your HVAC unit to run continuously, quickly running down the oil in the motor. Catching this issue sooner rather than later can help prevent motor damage.


The condenser is a component that works to keep the heat inside your HVAC unit out of your home. However, while working to cool your home, the condenser generates heat, and you don’t want this heat to make its way back inside. That’s why it’s best to have a professional check it out to ensure it’s in working order.

Air Filtration

Finally, an HVAC technician will check the air filters and remove dust and other debris. Debris-free air filters are essential to keeping the proper airflow in your home and clean, breathable air circulating.

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