Philadelphia AC Repair

Philadelphia AC Repair

Many home owners get quite a scare when their home’s A/C unit starts making noises, especially because these units are being made quieter and quieter by the year. High efficiency units come equipped with sound- dampening technology, so when noises are heard, there could be something amiss. Air conditioning noise can be divided in to three categories; duct work, indoor air handler, or outdoor condenser unit.

Following are examples of some sounds you may hear, and what they mean to you.

Duct Noises:

  • Air leaks in the return duct suck air in and may cause hissing, whistling, or in some cases roaring. Duct connections that are leaky may cause similar noises.
  • Squeaks, squeals and rattles may be coming from blower or fans, but the leak isn’t always where it’s heard since the noise can be carried through the duct system.
  • If you hear fluttering, scratching or buzzing sounds, you may have an uninvited guest inhabiting your ducts, and you should then call animal control immediately.

Air Handler Noises:

  • Air leaks can cause hissing sounds, but may also indicate a refrigerant leak if accompanied by a bubbling sound.
  • Burned out or seized blowers cause ticking or clicking noises.
  • The blower motor can cause a continuous humming sound when it’s burned out. A loose blower fan pulley will make a rattling noise.

Outdoor Condenser or compressor noises:

  • Banging or clanking sounds from the compressor indicate a defective piston or other major internal failure.
  • A burned out motor or fan relay switch may make an annoying buzzing sounds.
  • If you hear occasional clicking it may be the relays in normal operation, if the clicking becomes repetitive, that may indicate that a thermostat is sending continuous on/off signals.
  • A high pitched hissing sounds that some may even call “screaming” from the compressor may indicate a fangerously high pressure condition. If you hear this noise, please turn off your power immediately and give us a call.

If you are worried about these or other noises, are unsure of what you should do when you hear noises, or feel uncomfortable with the noise your air conditioner is making, give us a call to have a highly trained technician visit your location and resolve the situation. Don’t let it get to the point where your air conditioner stops working, breaks or dies on you, give us a call ASAP.