air-conditioner-maintenanceYou should always call a professional technician when you have a big air conditioning problem like your air conditioning refusing to work completely. Smaller air conditioning problems often come up. These should not be ignored, as they are precursors to bigger problems. Some symptoms of an ailing AC system can easily be fixed through the following ways:

Tripped circuit breaker

You could have a tripped breaker if your air condition system goes off and refuses to turn back on. Sometimes when you put several appliances and other electrical devices on the same breaker, the power load causes it to trip. This will shut off the air conditioner along with other devices on the circuit. Checking your breaker should be the first step for an AC system that refuses to turn on. Doing this could save you a lot of money.

Check your thermostat

Your thermostat settings could be affecting how your AC controls the temperature in the room. You should check the thermostat too if you experience any problems with the AC unit. Check the settings to see if the thermostat is set for temperatures below the room temperature. Sometimes the thermostat settings may have changed to having only the fan blow as these settings can get inadvertently changed. Sometimes your unit just needs new batteries to function well.

Change filters

Your filters trap lint, dust and all kinds of suspended particles in the air. They get clogged up after a couple of weeks or months of use. You can avoid a lot of AC problems if you change your AC filters consistently. A clogged filter prevents proper airflow and cooling efficiency in the system. The clogged filter may even cause the unit to ice up. You should follow the manufacturer recommendations for changing filters.

Clean your system

You can clean your AC system regularly to keep it functioning properly. Sometimes you do not need actual air conditioning repair in Philadelphia, just a good clean. With a simple soft brush, a hand-held air blower and a small towel, you can make a huge difference in how your AC works. Start with the outside unit. Remove any leaves or debris around it; clean the fan blades and condenser fins. Open up the indoor units and clean those too, you can use an air blower to get rid of the dirt logged in parts of the AC unit that you do not want to take apart.

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