Good Deals Heating and Cooling air qualityThe honest answer to this question is yes. There are different ways your indoor air quality can negatively affect the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Indoor Air Quality


Let’s take the example of humidity. Humidity is the air moisture that comes with high summer temperatures. This moisture-saturated air is uncomfortable, and it only dissipates with lower temperatures. If you have to set the thermostat on its lowest setting to be comfortable, this can be terrible for your air quality and cooling system.

Reduced Efficiency

If your cooling system is working correctly, it will remove the excess moisture from the air inside your home, keeping the interior comfortable at a reasonable temperature. Suppose the air conditioner has to run longer at the lowest setting, and it is still not maintaining the temperature. In that case, the unit’s efficiency is low—low efficiency results in high energy bills.

Understanding Humidity

The leading cause of AC inefficiency when it comes to indoor air quality is excessive humidity. The relative humidity for a home is excellent when it’s 50%. It is also worth noting that anything below 30% is too low. When your home’s relative humidity is more than 50%, most people find it noticeably uncomfortable. In hot temperatures, people can stay cool when sweat evaporates off the skin. However, if the humidity is too high, the sweat doesn’t evaporate. High humidity in the home also encourages bacteria and mold development, which can make occupants ill.

What Does This Mean For The Cooling System?

Lowering the humidity level in a home is like lowering the temperature – the moisture droplets evaporate the same way that morning dew evaporates. Air conditioners remove moisture from the air. Excessive moisture in your home causes the AC to run longer and work harder. The body feels hotter when there is excess humidity, and residents keep setting the thermostat lower, which affects the energy bills.

Clogged Filters

Allergens play a significant role in AC efficiency. Depending on the number of allergens in the house, the air filter can get clogged, creating many other issues if it’s not changed. Change filters regularly and more frequently during the pollen season.

Good Deals Heating and Cooling

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