Good Deals Heating and Cooling energy saving HVAC

Most people assume that the cold winter weather is the most demanding on your HVAC system, but the summer is worse.

During the summer, most people wonder how to save money on the utility bill without sacrificing their comfort. Here are the tips to save energy and money this summer:

Replace Old HVAC Units With Energy Star Units

Investing in a new model might sound daunting, but it is well worth it. The latest models, especially those labeled with Energy Star Ratings, use 50% less the energy than the older models. They are more efficient and save you money over their lifespan.

Protect the HVAC Unit From Debris and Direct Sunlight

An outdoor HVAC unit should be debris free and in the shade, if possible. The hot summer weather brings weeds and overgrown vegetation. If plants get too close to the unit, they can affect the efficiency of the system.
The unit should be able to pull in air efficiently without resistance. Having debris and excess vegetation around the unit is dangerous and can cause damage to the system. The shade cuts energy consumption and helps the unit operate smoothly.

Clean Out Vents

It goes unnoticed sometimes. Some vents can be shut and never opened again. Check the vents, especially if there is an unusually warm area in the house. Cleaning the vents provides smooth airflow and keeps particulates from circulating through the home.

Clean the Air Filters

The winter weather can take a toll on the HVAC system. Air filters become clogged with dirt making it hard for the HVAC unit to operate. Make sure the air filters are clean and replace the damaged ones to help the unit run smoothly and efficiently using less energy.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

The programmable thermostat helps you control the HVAC unit even when no one is around. Don’t set the thermostat to keep the house cold when it’s empty. Set the temperature to match your schedule: warmer when away and cool down before returning home.

Other Tips

Having ceiling fans or standing fans can help circulate the air around the house to create a refreshing environment. Have the doors and windows sealed to avoid letting the cool air out and keep the blinds and drapes shut to keep out direct sunlight.

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